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them feel that's their environment, "we help you, we believe in it." the project is paper and glue. the way people involve themselves in it is so much more. it's like community. it's people opening the windows, moving the roof. it gets deeper than that. you look at it. it's about the whole experience. more than the photo. the photo is amazing when you look at the hill covered. when you lead the process, it's life-changing. that is what took be to it. the people need to see the process, and for that they have to go through it. they really have to take the risk to get to know the people around them. life is not only on twitter and instagram. it's if you knock on the neighbour and ask something crazy, you might say yes. if you don't try, you think he's a loser and never know. >> do you know, what did the women take from that project? >> first you see it when you walk in the streets, the women have the dignity. eyes and look. they've been through the conflict and hold the family together. you have to be hungry. they carry so much intensity and strength and i did all the interview with
are the black only one, they live in a very segregated environment. we have to push the people that tell the stor stories to help make america better not are it beingk play what we can do. >> more with russell simmons on "talk to aljazeera" in a minute. >> aging america continues... healtly retirees lending a hand to their aging neighbors. >> it's been tough gettin' old... >> a story of humanity and dignity. >> everybody needs a little bit of help sometimes... >> we can do it! >> on al jajeera america ♪ ♪ >>> you are watching "talk to aljazeera" with russell simmons. there is a couple of people who are quoted talking about your success and they always say, the reason you are successful is you are authentic. you know, did -- >> that's nice. >> what do you think they mean by that, that you are authentic? >> i hope that everybody has -- wants to express themselves in an honest way. i like what i do in every instance i don't do it. >> what does the next 10 years look like? how old are you right now? >> i am 90. >> you are not. >> i am 56. >> you will be on your way to 70 in 10 years. >>
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)